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public participation exhibition 公众参展

photography competition 摄影比赛 art seminars 艺术讲座

1/∞ is an ongoing photography project by Singaporean photographer, rolento, expressing his hope for all the living things in the universe to live together. “1” symbolizes the one physical world we are all living in, and “∞” symbolises the people,animals, vehicles from different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, emotions, representing by the colourful people, coming together, being themselves or interacting to become something new.

1/∞ 是一个由新加坡摄影师,万万,在持续创作中的摄影作品,希望表达他对宇宙中所有生物一起生活的状态。“1”象征着大家都居住的物理世界;而”∞”象征着来自不同背景,文化,信仰的人,动物,科技产品,情绪;由色彩缤纷的人,动物,车子代表,汇聚一起,时而保持自我,时而与其他人互动变成新的事物。