intro 介绍 exhibition information 展览详情

public participation exhibition 公众参展

photography competition 摄影比赛 art seminars 艺术讲座





2)打印作品的纸不得大于 A5,纸的材质必须是相纸,艺术纸或者质感好适合展览的纸材。
    地址:上海市黄浦区北京西路7号 新金桥广场1楼 工作9:00~18:00 周末不开放
7) 展厅虽然都有前台工作人员值班,但是工作人员无法做到时时刻刻看守展区。

Welcome members of the public create their own photography works to take part in the public exhibition! Your works will be exhibited together in the exhibition hall!

Rules and Regulations for Public Participation Exhibition

1)Exhibits must be created using the special technique as seen in the exhibition. Lesson can be viewed online through following video

2)Paper used to print exhibits must not be bigger than A5 size. Please use photo paper, art paper or paper with reasonable quality for exhibition.
3)Exhibits must not be framed or mounted.
4)Please submit exhibits to the receptionist. The works may not appear in the exhibition
if it fails to meet the above criteria or some other reasons. We appreciate your
understanding in advance.
(ADD:1F, New Golden Bridge Plaza, No.7 West Beijing Road, Huangpu District Open:9:00-18:00 on weekday,closed on weekend)
5)To prevent collecting the wrong exhibits on the last day, you are strongly advised to register your name and cellphone number with the receptionist.
6)Name of photographer/creator/studio are allowed to print as watermark on the exhibit.
7)The exhibition hall will have a receptionist on duty whenever it is open to public, but he or she will not be always looking out in the exhibition area. The exhibition hall and the curator bears no responsibility for exhibits lost during the span of the public exhibition.
8)All works taking part in the public exhibition will be collectively made available for collection on the 15th of June 2015, 2pm – 5pm. any works that not are collected after 5pm on that day will be considered as gifts to rolento for his exhibition with thanks.