FUCK TV - the movie




NOTE: You may email me any questions you may have about this project and I would post your questions and my answers here



Question 1: How much funding is needed for this film project?

Answer 1: Still short of 70,000 USD, planning to shoot in digital. The film would be shot in film if funded well


Question 2: Where woud this movie be shot?

Answer 2: Taiwan, because that is the place that gave me this film idea

Question 3: Why do you want to make this movie

Answer 3: I want to express about the twisted state of our living society now, which many of us may not have notice. I hope that by watching this movie, more people would realize the urgency we need to change our current lifestyle now


Question 4: Why do you want to make a movie about a TV program that irritates the audience? wouldn't this make your movie irritating too?

Answer 4: The irritating TV program is an essential part of the script to reflect the current life style that many of us are leading now. Many of us hate or dislike our current life, but we do not exactly know what is causing this unhappniess, and have no intention to find out and change it. In fact, sometimes we even endorse, protect and embrace what is making our life irritating and hateful without ourselves knowing it. It is my intention to use this TV program to discuss this aspect in many of our lives


Question 5: Your teasers sucks. Why would you show such low quality teasers to ask for donantions to your film? Doesn't your teasers show what we would expect in the final film?

Answer 5: The teasers are exactly what the main characters in the story would be watching. In the script, the TV programs (the teasers you are watching) are meant to irritate the audience, if you find them irritating and hard to watch, that is how the TV programs and made in the story; low cost to reap hugh profits. However, rest assured that the film itself would be shot in proper movie standards; completed script, storyboarded, proper casting and location scouting and well planned execution


Question 6: I do not believe your story would have a reasonable and sound reason for the main characters to watch this TV program. Why should I donate to a probable scam?

Answer 6: There are many better ways to do a scam than to do a film project like this, wouldn't you agree? I believe 70,000 USD is not even a reasonable figure for professional scammers.

Besides, you probably wasted more money on big budget lousy hollywood films, all I am asking is just 1 USD from independent film lovers (you can donate more of course). Rest assured, the reason for the characters to watch "FUCK TV" is very very valid. Put it in your life, you might do it too.


Question 7: Why don't you approach any production houses, venture capitalists or film company to ask for funding?

Answer 7: I tried. However, due to the certain bottomlines that I have, the above mentioned would not want to work with me.

My bottomlines are 1) the first episode must be free to watch by anybody on the internet, 2) I must have the final call if the script would to be changed in anyway 3) I will not allow any other director to direct the script except myself, 4) I would rather not worried about returns of investments for the investors at this moment, because eventually, they would want to change the script and cast someone that may have box office potential but not my perfect choice, 5) and of course, this script is meant to talk bad about certain establishments, I wouldn't change this part too


Question 8: Why do you insist your first episode to be free? what about the other 2 episodes? and the other versions

Answer 8: I believe independent films needs audience much more than well funded hollywood films, because we are doing it out of passion, having a good audience base is a good motivation to continue with this money burning hobby. If the first episode is well received, it would be easier for me to approach the cinemas to do screenings and the best case scenario is I would be able to earn enough money to fund my next film project. However, if the first episode is not well received, the other two episodes would still be free to watch by everybody on the internet. (now you know why investors sensitive to returns of investment would not work with me)