What Bothers Tokyo Youths?

Many different things bothers Tokyo youths, many unthinkable things bothers Tokyo youths. I concluded this after chatting with seventeen youths based in Tokyo. They are all twenty five years old or younger in 2022

Tokyo Youths - What bothers them?

Tokyo Youths – What bothers them?

One would think that in a city like Tokyo, the young people here should feel trouble free. Although Tokyo is one of the most fashionable city in the world, it is not enough to make some youths in Tokyo feel happy and safe.

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About this project

I got the idea for this project when I arrived in Tokyo end of March this year. After two years being in the pandemic, i jumped at the nearest chance of entering Japan using a student visa. Many young people surrounded me, in my class, near where my school is located. I recalled the time when I was still a student in school…and I wondered if these young people here shared my happiness, troubles,dreams back when I was around twenty five years old.

Convincing these young people to open their hearts to me wasn’t an easy task. To be honest, I got rejected by many youths I approached and I can totally understand their decisions. Although i was lucky to not look my age, but i definitely do not look someone below twenty five years old. If i were them, I would not talk to myself either, especially after reading the questions I had for them.

I am really grateful for these seventeen youths that decided to trust me and gave me their answers for these questions that can be intimidating to some young people.

In this episode, although the question is difficult, I am glad they all trust me enough to tell me about what is bothering them.